So how do we move forward in our overall thinking  of disability. Why do we continue to make such little progress addressing our many pressing social concerns like homelessness, hunger, drug addiction, disability and environmental threats? 

Is it the way we think? Find out answers to these questions in "An Introduction to Systems Thinking with STELLA"

This book is a guide to learning systems thinking and to using the STELLA software. It is published by isee systems, inc., in business for 26 years, dedicated to improving the way the world works by creating systems thinking-based products that enable people to increase their capacity to think, learn, communicate, and act more systemically. There are really two guides that teach an introduction to systems thinking. The STELLA guide is geared more toward educators and researchers. The other guide is An Introduction to Systems Thinking with iThink, and that one is geared more toward business.

Whether they are first-time or experienced modelers, teachers, students, and researchers use STELLA to explore and answer endless questions like:

-- How does climate change influence an ecosystem over time?

-- Would Hamlet s fate have changed if he d killed Claudius earlier?
-- How do oil prices respond to shocks in supply and/or demand?
-- What will happen when the ozone layer is gone?
-- How do basic macroeconomic principles affect income and consumption?
-- What will happen to the greens when we have another drought in 2024 
-- Should we built a reservoir 

-- How can I understand my service in more detail and provide a better experience to all my customers

Education and research are most exciting when they move out of the lecture hall and library and provide opportunity to create, experience, and see. STELLA software offers a practical way to dynamically visualize and communicate how complex systems and ideas really work. Can we try it for a golf course - of course we can.

This guide sets the stage by describing the language of systems thinking and applying it to the STELLA modeling process. You'll be introduced to classic stock and flow infrastructures common to many physical, biological and social issues. Critical thinking skills that are necessary to evolve our thinking, learning, and communicating capacities are defined. You'll be learning good systems thinking skills so that you can apply them effectively to your modeling -- a must-read for successfully executing the principles of systems thinking and simulation.

Sample models in the areas of life sciences, literature, mathematics, physical sciences and social sciences are available on the isee systems website. There are also models that run in a browser available for viewing and downloading. These include H1N1 Flu Outbreak, Distance and Time Problems, Predator-Prey Dynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Plant Succession Dynamics, Mystery on the Island of Borneo, Sustainable Shrimping, Temperature Control, Virtual Hamlet, and Distance and Time Problems.