2019 April 6th  - you have oesophageal cancer JC - oh that's what killed my Dad in 1998 - GERD is not a good look

2020 Dec - after FLOT chemo sessions 2019 followed by chemo  and 25 radiotherapy sessions Sept/Nov 2022 NED no evidence of disease - hurrah

2021 Feb  - odd sensations on Skype calls after an hour of talking - had a chat with Oncologist odd he says

2021 May - you have lung mets ? impossible I believe considering the alternatives - you sure it is not sarcoidosis which I had in 1990 they look the same on a scan - further detailed scan and biopsy - its sarcoidosis

2021 Nov - serious psorieses
2022 Feb - Quarterly medal lashing with rain - seizure at the half way house - ITA - paramedics - Royal Free - 10 days stroke ward - lots of tests 
2022 Mar - Brain Cancer - 5 lesions - never seen by Oncologist - Brain Mets from Oesopahgeal Cancer 
2022 April  - Surgery to remove a lesion on the right hand side 

2022  May - Cyberknife on 4 lesions on left side  - works a treat
2022  Sept - whoops no !! surgery area cancer has returned right side impacting left arm and leg 

2022 Sept - never mind the surgery area two new spots have appeared during the planning scan spotted by the radiologist - cyberknife to the rescue

2022 Nov - right subclavian artery dissection - yikes how long has it been like that 6 weeks or 16 years ?

2023 Jan - Stroke Jan 4th - stress and a stroke comes along at 6pm -  (lacunar infarct from MRI Scan 6th Jan ) and we are off to the Whittington A&E - discharged Sat Jan 7th 2023 - home to recover and get out on that golf course .........on Monday 9th Jan but it went a wee bit downhill after that so lets see what happened in 2023 over the last 6 weeks and where we are heading as

The journey starts on Jan 4th 2023 when am ambulance takes JC to the Whittington after what turns out to be a stroke event. Golf is still his number one priority. The journey begins waiting 45 hours in the corridor at the Whittington , CT Head , CT Body and MRI Contrast Scans when suddenly you really are a disabled person , not just a plastic one due to the cancer , with a stroke your balance is gone, your speech is not there and short term memory is mush, and people asking you questions when all you want to do is sleep. Goodness me what a journey we have embarked upon.

You turn up at your sanctuary and suddenly realise that there are a few things missing for disabled people. A lot of help is needed to get round without falling over, and then the fun begins as your timespan is in nanoseconds against the back drop of grass growing over 24 hours and the majority are Green/Blue with the odd Red thrown in to bring joy and harmony.

 To be continued now the storming , forming , norming period is over. 

As with all things in life , be kind and caring and good will follow.