Equality and Diversity: 

Training • Resources • Network

From short-term tactical help to more strategic assistance, we work with your organisation to implement good equality and diversity practice. Our services include coaching, mentoring, training, consultancy, facilitation and assessment. These are often delivered in combination and are always tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

We produce resources and publications covering all issues relating to equality and diversity and we run the Equality Network, a National Network committed to equality, diversity and social inclusion, supporting organisations and practitioners to develop awareness, understanding and skills to promote equality and tackle discrimination.

Disability is one of 9 'protected characteristics' covered by discrimination law (Equality Act 2010). The law protects people against discrimination, harassment and victimisation at work.

Employers and providers of services (a golf club) must do all they reasonably can to protect people from discrimination and take steps to prevent disability discrimination at work . This includes recognising the benefits of having an inclusive and diverse workforce that does not exclude disabled people - and it applies to service providers.