A journey through the woods, playing golf to aid recovery and re-educating the disabled brain through NEW learning

Get to the chopper

Purpose : Reflecting how we should be kind to our fellow humans and follow the Equality Act 2010 with common sense and gratitude.

The purpose is to educate everyone on disability from the bottom up. Educate ALL on how to help others with hidden disabilities, eg on drugs like steroids (DEX)  or keppra (epilepsy eg keppra causes depression), stroke victims, Parkinson's, Dementia, Cancer souls , the older person who is most vulnerable to "the fall" due to obstacles, not seen by the spritely youngster or "blind" senior.

When you become disabled "overnight", fortunately you have UK laws that help you on your journey to recovery. When you can enusre that taking a unionist "No" is just not going to cut the mustard.

The alternative, you will be ignored and made to think you should just get on with it and someone put you out of your misery.

Standing at the top of steps wondering how one will descend without falling !! There are no railings to hold on to.

That was the wake up call mid Jan 2023 for me. Never imagined what being disabled was going to be like, crazy scary.

The struggle to get the message across even people who deal with the law, about disability issues, was mind blowing and prompted me to start this initiative.

The lack of knowledge and trained people in disability issues surprised me, yes even me.  

I had actually no idea of what it was really like to be disabled.

Unable to move without discrimination banging you on the head around every corner :

  • direct or indirect discrimination – when someone is put at a disadvantage and treated less favourably because of a protected characteristic, for example disability
  • harassment – when bullying or unwanted behaviour is related to a protected characteristic
  • victimisation – when someone is treated differently or less favourably because they made or supported a complaint to do with a protected characteristic, or someone thinks they did or might do
  • but interestingly there are quite  few government resources and charities that can help on The Journey